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Advanced FCN Skills Workshops

Nursing Foot Care Clinical Practice Education


Workshop Description

The curriculum for these Advanced FCN Skills Workshops was developed by Foot Canada Training. The workshops are taught and administered by Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities who have a license to access and use Foot Canada Training’s curriculum. Education providers teach and administer the workshops independently from Foot Canada Training. Each education provider has access to the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines.

These 1 day Advanced Foot Care Nurse Skills workshops are intended for nurses who have previously completed Foot Canada Training’s Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course and Onsite Foot Care Nurse Clinical course or have equivalent training. The workshops are designed to increase nursing foot care skills and competencies using a blend of theory and skills practicum and use the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards.

  • Diabetic Foot Care Management
    Areas of focus include: a review of current diabetes management best practice guidelines, exploring different diabetic risk assessment tools,testing the loss of protective sensation with the use of a tuning fork and monofilaments, exploring and practicing client-centered interviewing techniques and goal setting for persons with diabetes.

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) & Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)
    Areas of focus include: a review of PAD’s relevant best practice guidelines, definition, causes, risk factors, common signs, prevention strategies, management, and complication; exploring and practicing different PAD assessment and diagnostic tools;exploring current ABPI theory; and practicing different health teaching and ABPI techniques.

  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)
    Areas of focus include: a review of best practice guidelines across Canada for ‘sterile to the point of use’ foot care instruments, reprocessing options, medical devices designed for humans, 5 steps of instrument management, purchasing instruments and a variety of audit tools; a tour of an instrument reprocessing facility;and a hands-on practical to set up a clinic, IPAC documentation and sterilizing foot care instruments using best practice guidelines with the use of autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, incubators, biological indicators, chemical indicators and sterile pouches.

  • Podiatry Instrument Skills
    Areas of focus include: a review of best podiatry practices for industry regulations, purchasing podiatry instruments, equipment and supplies, features, manufacturer’s instructions, warranties, calibration, audits, uses, risks, and reducing risks; practice proper care, maintenance and clinical applications techniques for autoclaves, supplies and podiatry instruments such as nippers, scissors, files, rotary burs and scalpels.

  • Private Practice
    Areas of focus include: a review of current best practice standards and guidelines in Canada for nursing foot care private practice and for setting up a business including professional consultants, bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, licenses, types of businesses; explore different self-assessment tools to identify individual and professional strengths and risks; develop a business plan draft and an individualized action plan for a successful private practice.

  • Wound Care
    Areas of focus include: a review of wound care best practice guidelines, scope of practice, skin structure and function, normal wound healing, etiology versus cause, classification, assessment, cleansing, and prevention; followed by several practical sessions of wound assessments, cleansing and dressing applications for lower leg wounds such as acute, chronic, pressure, venous, arterial, ischemic, diabetic and mixed ulcers.

  • Padding & Orthotics - In development

Licensed Clinical Education Providers

We strongly recommend students complete the Advanced FCN Skills Workshops offered by Clinical Education Provider licensed to teach the Foot Canada Training Advanced FCN Skills Workshop Curriculum (listed in section below).

The following Clinical Education Providers currently have a license to access and teach Foot Canada Training's FCN Clinical, FCN Clinical Refresher and Advanced FCN Skills Workshop Curriculum. Note that not all courses and workshops may be available at your location of choice. If registration is insufficient, Advanced FCN Skills Workshops can sometimes be rescheduled and/or relocated.

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Included below are some of our Advanced Foot Care Nurse Skills Workshop curriculum features we would like to highlight:

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Clinical Education Providers with a Foot Canada Training Curriculum License each have access to the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines. Note that although these education providers use our curriculum, workshops are taught and administered independently from Foot Canada Training. The curriculum is provided as a guideline, education providers may make modifications to better reflect their requirements.

  • If planning on traveling out-of-province to participate in a a workshop, please contact your Clinical Education Provider to inquire about additional information to be considered.

  • If you know an experienced Foot Care Nurse interested in teaching the Advanced FCN Skills Workshops in your area, please invite them to contact us. They can also see all options we provide by reading the following section of our Q & A page: I am an Educator interested in teaching foot care nurse clinical courses and/or workshops. What options are available to me?