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Praise for Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada


Published in the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) Newsletter, Fall 2016
By Kathleen Stevens Phd (c) RN

"The Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada authored by Cindy Lazenby RN is a much needed reference text for foot care nurses in Canada. This book was published by Foot Canada Training in 2015 with contributions from experienced health care professionals in the area of foot health and can be purchased from http://footcanada.ca/ for $99.99 plus tax and shipping. A pdf of the first chapter of the book can be downloaded from the website as a preview.

Each chapter has exercises and assignments that reinforce the content. Many key content areas for provision of nursing foot care are covered such as anatomy of the lower leg; foot and nail conditions; infection control; foot and ankle conditioning; footwear and orthotics; foot care and diabetes; and wound care. There are many illustrations and colour pictures of foot and nail conditions throughout the text. The glossary is comprehensive and is a clear reference found at the end of the book. It is highlighted in light green, which makes it easy to find. The book concludes with appendices that include resources such as assessment tools.

Some content is unique to this book and to nursing foot care practice. For example, an overview of the evolution of nursing foot care in Canada is provided at the beginning of the book. As well, there is a chapter dedicated to career opportunities in foot care and another chapter to nursing foot care practice with exercises related to mentorship, suppliers, and instruments. Another unique and interesting aspect of this text is inclusion of “Peer Perspectives”. This feature provides personal practice experiences from experienced foot health providers that relate to the adjacent content.

Being self-published this book does not have the formal editing style that would be found with an established publisher. The chapter on evidence informed practice is brief and does not give a comprehensive overview of critical appraisal. I would suggest referring to a nursing research text for this content. Overall, I think this book fills a gap for nursing foot care texts and would recommend it as a resource. I look forward to seeing further editions of this text with more refined formatting and stronger content related to evidence-informed practice."

2015 - 2016 Book Reviews 

  • "You have developed a useful product which will likely be helpful beyond the target audience. Well done! I think that I may pack it bring the (wound care) conference. If the opportunity presents itself I will ask the booksellers there if they have heard of the book...I do not recall seeing anything quite like it. Have you?"  Dr. James Deacon MD, General medical practitioner with special emphasis on foot care for persons with diabetes and lower limb wound care. Kingston, ON.
  • "I am really appreciating this later version of your text!  Thank you." Sharon O'Brien RN. Senior Watch Inc Care-Ed Learning, Saint John, NB
  • "Well, I have to tell you that the book is fabulous! Very professional, love the pic's and layout... it's so great that it's bound. Great job and you should be very pleased! Take Care."  Tannis Sorge RN, FCN, FCNEd, Fraser Valley Foot Care. Langley, B.C.
  • "Thanks so much for the 2015 textbook.  It is very well written and I love the binding on the book.  I would be interested in selling some of your books at my upcoming conference. Cheers." Arlene Van Doorn RN. Arlene’s Healthy Heels and More Inc. Windsor ON
  • "What a lovely surprise...Your book is a masterpiece and so well put together. WOW... I know the hours of work you have put into it.Cheers."  Mary MacKay, RN. Halifax NS
  • "Congratulations on the launch of ART & SCIENCE OF FOOT CARE - A Clinical Resource for Nurse in Canada and thank you for a copy. The book is well done from the cover to the information covered. I have browsed the book and will take more time to go through it better. Great job!"  Pat MacDonald LPN. Winnipeg, MB
  • "Congratulations on your new book, it is awesome:) Thanks!"  Shelley Sager RN, Conestoga College, Kitchener ON
  • "I had the first class of Introduction to foot care 2015 at Algonquin today. This was also my first opportunity to see the new text. I am excited to share it with students! Thank you for your hard work and contributions to foot care excellence. Regards."  Michelle De Grandmont RPN. Nurse Educator, Algonquin College, Ottawa ON.
  • "It was my pleasure to be part of your great foot care book. Nice to see so many ... involved...Good luck with all future endeavors. Cheers."  Linda Tranchemontagne (retired RN). Cornwall ON
  • "Thank you so much for keeping me on your email list, love to read all updates and opportunities, And extra thank you for the book- it should be added to RPN/RN education- as for it's very great tool." Anna Zakhartchenko RPN. Brockville ON.