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FCN Part 2 Student Lounge


Last Revised: Nov 10, 2018

Important Note:

The following FCN Part 2 pre-course exercises are currently being phased out. Instead, the pre-course exercises' resources and contents will be incorporated into the Part 1 curriculum beginning in January 2019.

In the interim, we will retain all pertinent information on this page, for all those that completed FCN Part 1 in 2018 and are preparing for their Part 2.






Prior to the 1st day of clinical, students are expected to review the following resources and complete an 'open book' self directed test in order to:

1. Be better prepared for the clinical portion of the FCN Part 2 course. 
2. Provide more time and opportunities for practical hands-on nursing foot care skills.


The time required from each student for the pre-course exercises will depend on their current level of knowledge for each topic. Students should set aside approximately 20 hours to complete all exercises.

Content and Resources

The following are links to documents that each student needs to open, review and complete the test before the first day of clinical. You will not be marked on the test, as it's self-directed learning