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Curriculum License

Foot Canada Training Curriculum

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What are we offering?

Foot Canada Training’s Clinical Courses and Advanced Skills Workshops are now available through licensing! Education providers across Canada (Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges, universities and health agencies) can now have access to our updated, standardized and peer-reviewed curriculum (including all teaching materials, assessments and resources) right at their fingertips through a secure, online portal.

Canada’s most popular and trusted foot care nurse curriculum, the Foot Canada Training Curriculum License, uses the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards and is compliant with the IPAC Canada Position Statement 2019 - "Point-of-use sterility of critical, reprocessed foot care instruments for every client".

The 3 year renewable license includes the curriculum and materials for the following courses and workshops. 

Cost and Eligibility Requirements


Please read the information on this page in its entirety prior to completing the purchase request form.

Purchase Option 1 (Standard) 

Foot Care Nurse Educators, as well as colleges, universities and health agencies who have an Educator who meets the following criteria are eligible to purchase the curriculum license for $5,000.00 + tax for a term of 3 years. The license is renewable for $500/year after the initial term has expired. 

Educator Criteria:

  • Nursing License - Current and non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from a Canadian territory or province
  • Experience Requirement - 750 hours of nursing foot care practice in the past 5 years
  • CAFCN - Valid Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses membership

Purchase Option 2 (Alumni)

Foot Care Nurse Educators, as well as colleges, universities and health agencies who have an Educator who meets the following criteria are eligible to purchase the curriculum license for a 50% discount. The discounted rate is $2,500.00 + tax for a term of 3 years. The license is renewable for $500/year after the initial term has expired.

Educator Criteria:


  • As our part in the effort to help Canada recover and come out stronger after this global pandemic, we would like to offer the following  50% discount promo code on our Curriculum License until May 30, 2021: #INTHISTOGETHER. The discount from this promo code is applicable to the final purchase price after any other discount advertised on our website.

  • We recognize that each organization has its own hiring criteria when choosing an Educator and that the Educator may already have equivalent education and experience to that which is provided by Foot Canada Training's Educator course. Purchase Option 1 is provided in recognition that each education provider is responsible to ensure that their Educator is both qualified and competent.

  • It is highly recommended that a Licensed Clinical Education provider use the Foot Canada Training Online Theory Course as a prerequisite for their clinical courses. This is the best way to help ensure that students arrive to your clinical courses prepared with a strong theoretical foundation and ready to practice their nursing foot care skills. Therefore, it is also recommended that the Educator complete the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course *2017 or later to understand the knowledge their students will arrive with when coming to class. Experienced Foot Care Nurses can complete this course at the discounted tuition rate of $250 + tax, within an estimated completion time of 20-30 hours depending on how familiar they already are with the course material.


Benefits of purchasing the Foot Canada Training Curriculum include:


  • Clinical education providers will be independent of Foot Canada Training, providing courses and training according to their own schedules. No monthly fees, no student quotas, no minimum class sizes. The Foot Canada Training Curriculum will include class size, course length, and tuition suggestions.
  • Foot Canada Training will not oversee the delivery of clinical courses and workshops. There are no reporting requirements to Foot Canada Training once the curriculum license is purchased.
  • Clinical education providers can use this license to teach at any site of their choosing.
  • The curriculum is provided as a guideline and is designed to be used to teach nurses in Canada. Clinical education providers may modify components of the different courses or modules to better reflect the particular requirements of their province, students or scope of practice.

Exclusive Access

  • Access to Foot Canada Training’s curriculum will only be granted to clinical education providers with a Foot Canada Training license.
  • The license is for the exclusive use of the clinical education provider who has purchased it. The license is non-transferable.


  • Curriculum and supporting materials available through an online, secure portal 24/7.
  • Does your organization have more than one Educator? No problem! If purchasing the curriculum license for your organization, individual login credentials can be provided to each of your Educators, as well as registration/marketing support on request.


Reliable and Current

  • As best practice guidelines and accreditation criteria continue to change during this period of rapid acceleration in the field of nursing foot care, Foot Canada Training will continue to provide annual updates to its curriculum and apply for credible and relevant course approval processes as they become available. Educators will be able to advertise that they are delivering the best, most up-to-date curriculum at all times.
  • This curriculum was developed by Cindy Lazenby RN, with several years of FCN Educator piloting and peer-review, as well as health care agency and education consultant feedback. Cindy is the lead author of the Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada and has an extensive history of providing nursing foot care education and advocating for improvements in nursing foot care in Canada. Cindy was the founding Chair of the CAFCN and continues to be a contributing member to this day. Since 1993, Cindy and her associates have trained over 4000 Foot Care Nurses across the country.


  • Licensed clinical education providers will have access and rights to teach the Foot Canada Training Clinical Curriculum, which includes administrative resources, full lesson plans, assessment tools and teaching materials for the Foot Care Nurse Clinical course, the Foot Care Nurse Clinical Refresher course, as well as several Advanced FCN Skills Workshops.

National Advertising Platform and Referral Opportunity

  • A list and map of all Licensed Education Provider locations will be displayed on our website, including the link to the education provider’s website and contact details, making it easy for prospective students to find a licensed education provider teaching in their area.
  • All agencies contacting Foot Canada Training to inquire about hiring an Educator to teach on-site will be referred to the list and map of education providers on our website to find an Educator teaching in their area. These agencies will be invited to contact local Educators directly to discuss potential contract opportunities.
  • Educators may also be contacted by Foot Canada Training with offers to be hired to provide workshops, training and speaking engagements at events and conferences throughout the year. 


Regulatory Body Rules & Regulations - Note that some regulatory bodies have rules and regulations in place specific to Foot Care Nurse Educators and Education. Please contact your province or territory's nursing regulatory bodies for more information before purchasing this license.


Have questions? Want more information about options? Please read the following sections of our Q & A page:

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