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Educational Purposes OnlyThis website contains information related directly or indirectly to Foot Canada Training’s nursing foot care programs for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Individuals are encouraged to address concerns of their own personal foot health with their own medical team.

UpdatesWhile every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the contents included in this website at the time of publication, neither the authors, contributors, editors, webmaster, nor reviewers give any guarantee as to the accuracy of the information contained nor accept any liability with respect to loss, damage, injury or expense arising from any such errors or omissions in the contents of this work. The information in the website neither constitutes a liability nor discharge from liability.

The information included is not binding for foot care nurse students, educators, mentors and graduates and its use and interpretation should be flexible to accommodate new or omitted information that may become available after publication, client/family wishes and local circumstances.

Foot Canada Training reserves the right to delete, add or revise information on the website at any time, based on feedback from internally or external sources, as new information becomes available, time-permitting and funding-permitting.

FeedbackVisitors of the site are encouraged to critique and analyse each source of information contained in the website for accuracy, authenticity and credibility.

We welcome your constructive feedback on any website information, so please submit here.

ReferencesAny reference throughout these documents to specific pharmaceutical or medical supplies or equipment products as examples does not imply endorsement of any of these products.

Any reference or foot photo throughout the website to patient’s medical conditions was obtained with consent by the patient to be used by the author or photographer under the following conditions: they are to be used anonymously, for educational purposes, and are not to reproduced without explicit written permission by the client, the author, photographer and Foot Canada Training.