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Educator Curriculum License Purchase Request Form


Prior to completing this form, please read the information on the Foot Canada Training Curriculum page and contact us if you have any questions.

Note that some regulatory bodies have regulations in place specific to who may teach nursing foot care and what curriculum can be used. Please contact your province or territory's nursing regulatory bodies for more information before purchasing this license.

This form is for Foot Care Nurse Educators only. If you are purchasing this license on behalf of a college or university, please complete the Post-Secondary Curriculum Purchase Request Form


By completing the form below you are requesting to purchase a 3 year renewable license for the following Foot Canada Training Curriculum:

  • Clinical Foot Care Nurse course (6 days/43+ hours)
  • Clinical Refresher course
  • Advanced Nursing Foot Care Workshops


This license is being offered at the introductory cost of $5,000.00 + tax. Foot Care Nurse Educators having completed Foot Canada Training's Preceptor and Educator courses are eligible for a 50% discount.

Access Date

All education providers with a license to access and use Foot Canada Training's Curriculum will be provided access on the following dates. 

  • Foot Care Nurse Clinical Course Curriculum - Available now
  • Foot Care Nurse Clinical Refresher Course Curriculum - Available now
  • Advanced Foot Care Nurse Skills Workshops:
    • Diabetic Foot Care Management - Available now
    • PAD & ABPI - Available now
    • Infection Prevention and Control - Available summer 2020
    • Podiatric Instrument Skills - Available in summer 2020
    • OTC and Custom Orthosis - In development
    • Private Practice - In development
    • Wound Care - In development

Review Period

Forms received are reviewed within 1-3 business days. Once reviewed, a member of our team will be in touch by email with all eligible education providers to provide a copy of the license agreement for your signature and an invoice with payment instructions.

Educator Details


Eligibility Details

1. Foot Care Nurse Theory Course (2017 or later)

Note that Foot Care Nurse Theory course (formerly FCN Part 1) was updated in 2017 following the release of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada. Foot Care Nurse Educators looking to purchase this license, must have completed the FCN (Theory) after it was updated to integrate the CAFCN National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada as exit competencies. 

If you haven't yet completed this requirement, please note that experienced Foot Care Nurses can complete the FCN (Theory) course at the discounted tuition rate of $250.00 + tax. Please visit the FCN (Theory) page of the Foot Canada Training website for details about this course and submit the FCN (Theory) Course Application to register.


2. Current and non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from a Canadian territory or province


3. Foot Care Nurse Educator Education Requirements

Please select which of the following is applicable to you:*

Please note that Educators with a with a Bachelor of Education Diploma or an Adult Education Course Certificate will need to provide supporting documentation. A supporting documentation processing fee of $200.00 + tax will be applicable.

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