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Theory Course

                    Online Foot Care Nurse Theory Course Outline

Inspiring Excellence in Nursing Education

Course Description

The Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course (FCN Theory) provides a theoretical foundation for nurses preparing for a career in nursing foot care, or who are looking to expand the scope of their nursing skills.

This course is designed for nurses (RN’s, NP’s, RPN’s & LPN’s) new to foot care, or for experienced Foot Care Nurses who wish to update their knowledge and skills. The course follows a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum. This curriculum is based on current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice, including the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017). Students are expected to complete online quizzes and view pre-recorded slide presentations from their work/home computer. 

After successfully completing the FCN Theory course, nurses must complete clinical training in order to work as a Foot Care Nurse.

FCN Theory Details

Total Hours: 110

Students may proceed through the course at their own pace, completing each section sequentially.


  1. Introduction
  2. Career Opportunities in Foot Care
  3. Evidence-Informed Practice
  4. Anatomy of the Lower Leg
  5. Foot and Nail Conditions
  6. Infection and Prevention Control in Foot Care
  7. Foot and Ankle Conditioning, Physio and Massage Therapy
  8. Biomechanics, Footwear and Orthotics
  9. Foot Care for People with Diabetes
  10. Wound Care
  11. Terminology


Required Reading

Textbook: Students are expected to purchase the following textbook prior to the course start date: Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017). This textbook was written with the Foot Care Nurse course in mind and is a peer-reviewed, multi-authored textbook, developed through the collaboration of many experienced Canadian foot care professionals.

Competencies: Students are expected to download the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017), available in PDF.


  • Each applicant must hold a current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License (temporary or full) from a Canadian territory or province.


Prior to registering, we recommend each student contact their professional regulatory body to ensure that this course meets the criteria to practice as a Foot Care Nurse in their home province or territory.

Computer Access and Computer Literacy Requirements

  • Access to a high-speed internet connection.
  • Access to a computer capable of downloading the most recent internet browsers, computer software and operating system updates. 
  • Ability to work through a web-based course, including logging on to several different sites and programs. Students must be able to log onto the Student Lounge, use personal email, view webinars through various media players including YouTube, download and view documents from PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and use shared documents and social media.
  • One-on-one computer technical support is not covered in the tuition, as technological issues are beyond the scope of the course Educators and administrators. Students must be confident in the reliability of their computer, in their computer skills and have the ability to independently problem solve any computer and software issues that may arise. Problem solving may include asking a friend or local IT professional for support or searching online for IT and course-related questions.


Various sources for financial aid are available for students, depending on their province of residence. For more information about resources in your province, please review our Financial Aid page.


  • Tuition = $1250 (taxes included)
  • Returning students 50% discount (please contact us before you register) 

Tuition does not include:


Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Tuition received is non-refundable and cannot be deferred.

If tuition is being paid by a sponsoring organization, such as an employer, note that tuition is only transferable to another student within your organization within 6 months. 

We strongly encourage students to contact us with any questions or concerns prior to completing registration. 

Course Extension Policy

Course extensions are not available. If unable to complete the course work before the course end date, students have the option to re-register again for the next class at the discounted tuition rate of 50%.


A Certificate of Completion with Foot Canada Training's logo is awarded to students who successfully complete the course.


This course cultivates professional accountability through resourceful and self-directed learning requiring minimal assistance from the Educator.

FCN Theory has 10 online, multiple choice quizzes and 1 multiple-choice Final Exam. Separate objectives are listed for each section. Each section contains required readings, pre-recorded slide presentations and activities. 


Section Objectives

Included below is a summary of assignment objectives for FCN Theory. A separate PDF of detailed assignment objectives, which include an introduction to some of CAFCN's National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017)

Summary of section objectives

  • Section #1 - Explore and articulate career options, education, competency guidelines and advancements in nursing foot care. Develop a personal foot care practice learning plan.
  • Section #2 - Explore and articulate your personal and professional strengths, support systems such as mentors, key attributes and comparisons of different nursing foot care environments, including private practice. Begin to build a professional foot care contact database and career plan options.
  • Section #3 - Explore and articulate the differences between practice documents such as standards and guidelines, and learn to critically appraise foot care practice information.
  • Section #4 - Demonstrate and articulate locations and functions of major anatomical structures of the lower leg.
  • Section #5 - Demonstrate and articulate the assessment, causes, prevention and treatments of common foot conditions and abnormal nails.
  • Section #6 - Demonstrate and articulate current Canadian best practice IPAC guidelines and medical reprocessing guidelines and techniques for foot care equipment 'sterile to point of use'.
  • Section #7 - Explore and articulate, at an introductory level, your knowledge of foot and ankle conditioning exercises, physiotherapy's and massage therapy benefits, types and contraindications.
  • Section #8 - Explore and articulate, at an introductory level, a normal and an abnormal gait analysis, footwear and orthotics benefits, types and contraindications.
  • Section #9 - Demonstrate and articulate your knowledge of diabetes management and best practices in the care of feet for persons with diabetes.
  • Section #10 - Explore and articulate, at an introductory level, your knowledge of wound care management, benefits, types, guidelines and contraindications.


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