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Final Remarks - A Message from your Course Facilitator

I hope you enjoyed taking this course as much as I did facilitating it. Watching everyone's video projects at the end was a real hoot and made me excited for the future of nursing foot care in Canada. Don't forget your post-course self-assessment. I am also looking forward to reading your comments from your course satisfaction survey. Make sure to stay in contact with Foot Canada Training as we are often looking for nurses to collaborate on different projects, and are constantly expanding our course offerings. Interested in teaching a Foot Care Nurse clinical course in your community, but don't want to start from scratch? We've got you covered. Check out the options below:

Option A - Purchase the Curriculum License

As our part in the effort to help Canada recover and come out stronger after this global pandemic, we would like to offer the following  50% discount promo code on our Curriculum License until May 30, 2021: #INTHISTOGETHER. The discount from this promo code is applicable to the final purchase price after any other discount advertised on our website. 

By purchasing our 3-year renewable license to independently access and teach our curriculum, colleges, universities and health associations can now have a standardized and peer-reviewed curriculum at their fingertips. The curriculum is based on the Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017) textbook and uses the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards and is compliant with the IPAC Canada Position Statement 2019 - "Point-of-use sterility of critical, reprocessed foot care instruments for every client". The curriculum includes teaching and administrative materials the Onsite Foot Care Nurse Clinical course (6 days/43 + hours), the Onsite Foot Care Nurse Clinical Refresher Course (1 days/8 + hours), as well as a series of Advanced Foot Care Nurse Skills Workshops (1 day each).

There are currently two options available to purchase the curriculum license.

Purchase Option 1 (Discount) - Foot Care Nurse Educators, as well as colleges, universities and health agencies that have an Educator that meets the following requirements are eligible to purchase the curriculum license for a 50% discount. The discounted rate is $2,500.00 + tax for a term of 3 years. With the promo code, the cost would be $1,250 + tax. The license is renewable for $500/year after the initial term has expired.

Purchase Option 2 (Full Price) - Foot Care Nurse Educators, as well as colleges, universities and health agencies that have an Educator that meets the following requirements are eligible to purchase the curriculum license at the full price of $5,000.00 + tax for a term of 3 years. With the promo code, the cost would be $2,500.00 + tax. The license is renewable for $500/year after the initial term has expired.

  • Nursing License - Current and non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from a Canadian territory or province
  • Experience Requirement - 750 hours of nursing foot care practice in the past 5 years
  • CAFCN - Valid Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses membership


  • We recognize that each organization has its own hiring criteria when choosing an educator and that the educator may already have equivalent education and experience to that which is provided by Foot Canada Training's Educator course. Purchase option 2 is provided in recognition that each education provider is responsible to ensure that their educator is both qualified and competent. If your educator does not meet the criteria for purchase option 1, we strongly recommend screening to ensure that equivalent education and experience has been met.
  • The FCN Clinical course and FCN Clinical Refresher course curriculum was developed with the intention that students would first complete the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course. This is the best way to help ensure that students arrive to your clinical courses prepared with a strong theoretical foundation and ready to practice their nursing foot care skills. Whether or not your educator chooses to take our FCN Educator course, we highly recommend they complete the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course *2017 or later to understand the knowledge students will arrive with when coming to class. Experienced Foot Care Nurses can complete this course at the discounted tuition rate of $250 + tax, within an estimated completion time of 20-30 hours depending on how familiar they already are with the course material.

To purchase, please complete the Curriculum License Purchase Request Form. For more information about the curriculum license and the benefits of using our curriculum, please visit the curriculum page on our website.

Option B - Collaborate with your local college/university

Interested in teaching, but you don't want to purchase the curriculum license directly? Some Educators have chosen to approach their local college or university directly to offer their services as an Educator and recommend our curriculum. Developing this type of relationship can be beneficial to both parties. Your local college may already offer a nursing foot care course, but the curriculum may be outdated or the topics limited. Some colleges/universities are interested in offering this type of course, but do not have the resources to develop a curriculum and/or do not think they can find someone with the right skill set to teach it. From an Educator's perspective, working with a college or university can also bring many benefits, including a secured, appropriate teaching location, as well as support with the registration process and advertising.

Option C - Develop your own clinical course

Some Educators chose to develop their own course. If doing so, you may be interested in knowing that the Foot Canada Training's Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course is still available as a prerequisite for your students. All education providers are welcome to refer their students to the FCN Theory course. This helps ensure that your students arrive to your clinical course with a strong theoretical foundation. We welcome this opportunity to work in association with other nursing foot care education providers. If interested in this option, please contact us for a free consultation on how to use the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course as a prerequisite. 

Option D - Use our Textbook

The “Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada. 2nd Edition 2017. Lazenby, C.” is currently the #1 textbook being used for Foot Care Nurse courses in Canada. Since 1993, Cindy Lazenby RN and her associates have trained over 4000 Foot Care Nurses across the country. Her expertise to design and deliver customized foot care nurse courses has been sought out by a wide range of organizations including: community colleges, universities and government agencies. Now you can have that same comprehensive know-how in a peer-reviewed, multi-authored textbook, developed through the collaboration of experienced Canadian foot care professionals. With coloured photos, glossary text and graphic visual elements, this textbook will bring you ease in your foot care work, reference or for study. This textbook can be purchased on its own as a resource for your office or nursing facility or used as a reference for a privately developed course. The textbook is the main reference for the FCN Theory course (offered online through Foot Canada Training) and all of the courses and workshops contained within the Foot Canada Training's Foot Care Nurse Curriculum License. Please visit our Bookstore page for more information on the textbook and how to purchase. 

For more information about any of these options, please contact our Director of Operations, Marie-Pierre Hamelin, at marie-pierre@footcanada.ca to schedule a free consultation.

Congratulations on completing your course!

Julie Gauthier B.A. (Hons), B.Ed.

Pre & Post Course Self-Assessment

Please complete the following two self-assessments: #1 Nursing as Educator Knowledge and Skills & #2 Preparedness for LearningOnce all questions are scored, calculate your post-course score for each self-assessment and take some time to write down your strengths, areas for development and reflect on your progress since the beginning of this course. Do not send in your results, these are meant to be used for self-reflection and kept for your records. 

Next Steps

  • FCNEd - Course Satisfaction Survey - Please take the time to complete the Course Satisfaction Survey and let us know about your experience. Your feedback is important to us.
  • Students can expect to receive their final grade by email 3-4 weeks after the course end date. An 85% course average or higher is required to pass the FCNEd course. Students who achieve a passing grade will receive their course certificate by email with their final grade. 

Experienced Foot Care Nurse Discount

Excited about applying your new educator skills, but want to refresh your memory on nursing foot care theory first? No problem! Experienced Foot Care Nurses are eligible for an 80% discount for the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory Course. Please visit our Financial Aid page for details. 

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