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Curriculum License

Onsite FCN Clinical Course Outline

Inspiring Excellence in Nursing Education

This version of the course outline has been abbreviated. The full suggested course outline is provided with the curriculum license.

Course Description

Total Hours: 43 (6 days)

The Foot Care Nurse Clinical course (formerly FCN Part 2) is designed for nurses (RN’s, NP’s, RPN’s & LPN’s) who have successfully completed the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course and are ready to practice their Foot Care Nurse skills onsite with the guidance and supervision of a Foot Care Nurse Educator. The course uses the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards and teaches a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum, which follows current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice.

This course provides in-person clinical foot care nurse skills development and mentorship. Together, both the FCN Theory and FCN Clinical courses are designed to prepare participants to function as a Foot Care Nurse within a health care team.

Foot Canada Training FCN Clinical Course Curriculum – The Foot Care Nurse Clinical course was developed by Foot Canada Training and is administered by Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities who have a license to access and use Foot Canada Training's curriculum. Education providers teach and administer FCN Clinical independently from Foot Canada Training. Each of these education providers have access to the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines, teaching materials and suggested FCN Clinical Course Outline. Please visit the Clinical Education Providers' page of the Foot Canada Training website for a list of FCN Clinical education providers using the Foot Canada Training curriculum.

This is the suggested course outline for all FCN Clinical education providers with a license to use the Foot Canada Training Curriculum.


  • FCN Theory- Applicants must start the FCN Clinical course within 12 months of achieving a passing grade from the FCN Theory course.
  • Non-restricted Nursing Registration/License - Applicants must hold a current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License (temporary or full) from the territory or province in which they will be taking the course.

Required Reading

Students are expected to obtain the following:

Clinical Performance Standards

The 7 Domains of CAFCN’s National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) are used as Clinical Performance Standards for FCN Clinical (see table below). Clinical Performance Standards consist of the minimum set of skills and knowledge required to competently practice as a Foot Care Nurse.

This course emphasizes professional accountability through resourceful and self-directed learning.  Skills and knowledge will be evaluated by the student, their peers and the Educator.

Evaluation is continuous and will consist of formative and summative methods, including step-by-step guided-learning exercises and return demonstrations. There will be an emphasis on self-evaluation with the use of a personal learning plan, pre and post-tests and reflective practice.

FCN (Clinical) Lesson Plan (43 hrs)

Mentorship (3 hours)- Students will observe their FCN Clinical Lead Educator or one of the FCN Clinical Preceptors performing 2 nursing foot care clinical appointmentThese mentorship hours are to be completed during the hours of the FCN Clinical.

Advance Nursing Foot Care Skills (21.5 hours) - This portion of the course will be taught in a nursing lab or foot care clinical setting and will cover all advanced nursing foot care skills required to complete FCN Clinical, including: risk assessments, treatment, development of individualized treatment plans, referrals and health education. Students will be guided to simulate step by step practical hands on skills on 2 volunteer clients each.

Clinical Skills (18.5 hours) - This portion of the course is offered in a clinical care setting and provides students with clinical experience with 10 -13 volunteer clients, per student group.