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FCN (Theory)

Foot Care Nurse Course Testimonials


Anna Zakhartchenko RPN

"Thank you so much Cindy. You are always there for your new grads, and I hope every one that is going or will be going through your program will love and respect you for your knowledge, support and take full opportunity of each email you send out - as I have since I have graduated your program. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and continue to do for all of us."

Melissa Anne Henderson RPN

"Hello Cindy. Firstly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to take part in this course. Your dedication to this specialty is simply amazing. I'm looking forward to receiving your new textbook and reviewing and keeping in touch as I acquire new skills. After having reflected on this past week's clinical, I can honestly say that I love being a FCN !!! And I have you and my facilitator to thank. This course was life changing. Can't wait to see my marks. I'll be applying for the RPNAO grant :) Sincerely (and already missing the clinical environment)".

Tatiana Basmanova, RPN

"I've never taken courses online and it was hard to decide to take it. I can say it was a great experience and the right decision. Everything was clear and went smoothly. Questions that I had during the course were answered in a few hours. The textbook was very helpful, had good illustrations and a glossary I will use for a long time before I become familiar with all the terms."

Sarah Colbert, RPN, Managing Director Sarah Ann's Foot Care Services

"Well I just pushed through the online FCN Part 1 course in record time and I should be pretty proud of myself. Your course is really, really good. There is a lot of information to go through. Mind you, I have been keeping up with some continuing foot care education so I suppose that also helped me. I must say, this has definitely been an enriching learning experience for me nonetheless. I love all the resources and references you provided." 

Donna Duffield, RN

"I have found the education, information, contacts, and research skills I have acquired through your program invaluable! I plan to enroll in the Foot Care Educators course next year. I am currently planning a Community Based Foot Care Program. The mandate for the program is to provide on-site high risk foot screening, basic foot care, client/community based education, and prevention of lower limb complications secondary to Diabetes. This is my first foray into planning/implementing/consulting on programming...a lot of work, but I am confident that it will all be worth it once the program is up and running. I am just working on the final draft proposal to submit for funding...There is such an incredible need for standardization of education for foot care providers!! I am astonished at the diversity of education and skill level of those currently providing foot care!! Thank you for providing these incredible courses...I will most definitely be advocating for the… Foot Care Nurse courses."