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Policies and Procedures Manual - Nelson, BC


  1. Course Outline
  2. Dates & Registration Deadlines
  3. Contact Information
  4. Location
  5. Education Team Profile
  6. Registration
  7. Tuition
  8. Refund, Conditional Acceptance & Course Cancellation
  9. Supporting Documents, Instruments & Supplies
  10. Privacy & Confidentiality Standards
  11. Dress Code
  12. Policies & Procedures Unique to Facility



Last Revised: May 9, 2019

Course Outline

FCN Part 2 (Clinical) is the mentorship and clinical component of the FCN course where students practise their Foot Care Nurse skills. The curriculum for Part 2 was developed by Foot Canada Training (formerly Foot Care Kingston) and is administered by Foot Canada Training in Nelson (BC). This course is also independently administered in other locations across Canada by Foot Canada Training's curriculum. Please visit the FCN 2 (Clinical) page of the Foot Canada Training website for a list of FCN Part 2 locations. Each education provider has access to the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines and suggested FCN Part 2 Course Outline. Sections of the course outline may be adjusted by the FCN Part 2 Educator to meet local education needs. 

All students interested in completing FCN Part 2 in Nelson (BC) must read the Nelson FCN Part 2 Course Outline prior to completing registration

Dates & Registration Deadlines

Dates and times:

  • July 12-14 & 16-18, 2019 (NO scheduled class on Monday July 15th) 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Early bird deadline: May 31, 2019 at 12 am PST

Students registering after the deadline will be added to a wait list. If accepted to the course, an additional fee of $150 + tax will be applicable.

Contact Information

For any queries regarding Part 2 of the FCN course in Nelson please email  footcarenurseprogram@gmail.com or call 613-217-FOOT (3668). We endeavor to respond to all queries within 1-3 business days.


Suite 203 - 518 Lake Street 
Nelson BC V1L 4C6

Nelson FCN Part 2


Cindy Lazenby (Lead Educator)

Cindy Lazenby is the Owner and Director of Foot Canada Training. She is the Lead Educator for Part 1 of the Foot Care Nurse course (FCN Part 1), and has been the Lead Educator for Part 2 of the FCN course (FCN Part 2) in Kingston for the past 20+ years. Cindy has recently moved to British Columbia and will be teaching Part 2 of the Foot Care Nurse course in Nelson, BC this year.

Since 1993, Cindy and her associates have trained over 4000 nurses across the country. Her expertise to design and deliver customized foot care courses has been sought out by a wide range of organizations including: community colleges, universities and government departments. She is passionate about education and committed to using this as a tool to support informed, effective, and consistent practices for nursing foot care in Canada.

Cindy is a founding contributor, and the first chair of the CAFCN (Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses), which aims to standardize best practices across the nation. She has an extensive history of advocating for improvements in nursing foot care in Canada. In addition to her Director and Educator responsibilities, Cindy is the Lead Author of Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada

Aside from being accused of being "obsessed with feet" for the last 25+ years by some of her friends and family, there are 4 important aspects of her life that give her a constant stream of joy: family, community, nature and health & wellness.

For more details on Cindy’s experience and education, please visit her profile page.

Amy Veale (Co-Educator)

Amy is the owner of Nelson Foot Care, which opened its doors in 2017. Already an experienced Foot Care Nurse, Amy refreshed her theoretical knowledge by completing Foot Canada Training's Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course in December 2018. She also completed the Foot Care Nurse Preceptor in March of this year and plans to complete the Foot Care Nurse Educator course shortly.  Amy is excited to be co-teaching the Onsite Foot Care Nurse Clinical course in Nelson BC with Cindy Lazenby is summer. Amy looks forward to offering ongoing foot care training opportunities to nurses in British Columbia. She feels honoured and privileged to be able to now support other nurses to become a part of this amazing health care field. For more information about Amy's experience and education, please visit her profile page

Marie-Pierre Hamelin (Operations Management Support) - Marie-Pierre Hamelin is Foot Canada Training's Operations Management Consultant and Liaison. She has worked with Foot Canada Training for 3 years and during this time has played a key role ensuring the smooth running of operations of Foot Canada Training, including the registration for the FCN course Part 1 and for Kingston's Part 2. For more information on Marie-Pierre's experience and education, please visit her profile page. 

When and how to register 

Students must complete the Part 2 FCN Course Application to register. Part 2 of the FCN courses runs on a 'first come, first served basis' and requires a minimum numbers of students per class.

Minimum and maximum participants requirements 

* A minimum of 6 students is required to run the course at this location. If fewer then 6 students register, students will be provided with the following options:

  1. Students will be given the choice to continue with the course as planned with an adjusted tuition amount for a total of $13,230.00 (tax incl.) divided by the number of participating students. Students will be individually consulted and their decision will remain confidential.
  2. If the decision to proceed with option 1 is not unanimous, students will have the option to either be reimbursed for FCN Part 2 or transfer their tuition to another FCN Part 2 location in British Columbia.

A waitlist will be maintained for any nurse wishing to register after 6 students have registered. 

How much is tuition?

Some employers and or local community organizations offer tuition assistance for this course. Each applicant is encouraged to inquire into their individual funding opportunities.

  • ​​2019: $2,205.00 ($2,100.00 + GST 105.00)

*Tuition may vary depending on the number of applicants. See section on minimum and maximum participant requirements for details.

What is included in the tuition? 

  • 43 hours of clinical (includes 24 hours advanced nursing foot care skills, 16 hours of clinical practice skills and 3 hours of mentorship)
  • a certificate of completion on successfully meeting minimum requirements of the course

What are the payment methods?  

Accepted methods of payment are e-transfer and money order. There is an additional processing fee of $50.00 + tax for payment by money order. Direct deposit may be available if tuition is being paid by an employer or sponsoring organization. Note that we do not accept credit cards. For more information about why we do not accept credit cards, please visit our Q & A page. Details on how to proceed with payment will be provided in your course acceptance email. Please wait to receive your acceptance email prior to sending any funds.

Expenses not included in the tuition

  • See Supporting Documents, Instruments and Supplies section 
  • Food & Drink – Students are responsible for their own food and drinks each day.
  • Costs for accommodation & travel to and from clinical and mentorship locations
  • Parking (if any)
  • Tuition for FCN Part 1 
  • Requests outside of normal course activities or outside of educational, technical, and administrative support schedules or activities as per the course outline (such as requests for remedial assignments, course transcripts, third party correspondence, letters, etc.).


Tuition received is non-refundable and cannot be deferred. Tuition is allocated towards course expenses from the date of receipt, including room bookings, team hires and coordinating pre-course activities such as volunteer client bookings, etc. It is the student's responsibility to attend this course in its entirety for the dates and times registered to receive their final mark and certificate. 

Conditional Acceptance

Applicants currently registered in FCN Part 1 and meeting all other course prerequisites will be accepted to this course on the conditional basis that they complete FCN Part 1 with a minimum grade of 75%. If the minimum grade requirement is not achieved for FCN Part 1, applicants will have a choice to receive a refund for FCN Part 2 or defer their tuition to the next available Nelson/Castlegar FCN Part 2.

Course Cancellation

Should Foot Canada Training cancel FCN Part 2 due to low enrollment or any other unexpected reason, students will have the option to either be reimbursed for FCN Part 2 or transfer their tuition to another FCN Part 2 location in British Columbia.

The items listed below are not included in the cost of tuition. Students will be expected to arrive on their first day of clinical with:

  • Liability Insurance - We've received a few questions about insurance. Following feedback received, please note that we have eliminated the proof of insurance requirement. Given that all nurses get liability insurance with when paying for their nursingregistration/licence, students do not require proof of insurance for this course. Please see BCCNP Insurance/Liability Protection page for more information.
  • Printed or online 'receipt' of showing current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals.
  • Hard copy government issued photo ID.
  • Course Textbook - Lazenby, Cindy. LM. (2017) Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada
  • A printed copy of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses' National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017)
  • Student Equipment and Supplies Kit - Can be purchased through Quality FootCare Products by calling their toll-free number 1-866-833-9352 or emailing quality@qfootcare.comFCN Part 2 students get a discounted rate of $725.00 (includes taxes and shipping) with the special course code provided once registration is completed. Nurses can choose to order these items from other foot care suppliers. If ordering from another supplier, the student is solely responsible to ensure they have the equivalent quality items and quantities, and on the first day of class, must bring proof of purchase from a supplier that has a Medical Device Equipment License (MDEL) through Health Canada

    Each nurse is to have the following items (no more, no less):
    • 1 package of baby wipes
    • 1 roll micropore tape
    • 5 - 4x4's sterile gauze
    • 5 - 2x2's sterile gauze
    • 30 alcohol swabs
    • 5 bandaids
    • 1 eye protection
    • 1 mirror
    • 20 patient foot pads (paper & plastic layer)
    • 10 single-use monofilaments
    • 20 packs of single-use moisturizers
    • 1 bottle of disinfectant wipes
    • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    • 15 sets of non-sterile, non-latex gloves
    • 15 N95 masks
    • 15 isolation gowns
    • 10 sets of sterile single-use disposable instruments (includes 1 nipper, 1 blacks file, 1 foot file)
    • 10 sterile single-use burs
    • 1 'podiatric rotary instrument' designed for use on human skin (not hardware brand)

Nurses may be required to sign a privacy/confidentiality form at the location of mentorship or clinical and follow the privacy and confidentiality standards provided by each location on arrival on the 1st day of mentorship and clinical.

  • A name tag will be provided to the student and is to be worn at all times.
  • Scrubs/uniforms and closed toe and heel shoes, hair up and off shoulders and face.
  • Bring your smile! You will have lots of fun learning new skills.