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FCN (Theory)

Michelle De Grandmont RPN

FCN Clinical Lead Educator (Ottawa, ON)

Ottawa Part 2 Lead Educator


We are excited to announce that Michelle De Grandmont has agreed to lend her vast nursing foot care teaching skills and experience to Foot Canada Training as the Lead Educator for the Onsite Foot Care Nurse Clinical course in Ottawa this year. Michelle is a former graduate of the Foot Care Nurse course, which she completed in 2011/2012. She is also a bilingual registered advanced diabetic Foot Care Nurse with over 15 years of experience in the health care sector, specializing in gerontology, acute care medicine, diabetes and holistic healing modalities. She is a skilled speaker, has a passion for best practice adherence and is an experience educator. Michelle developed the innovative and highly successful advanced diabetic foot care program at Algonquin College and was the instructor for this program up until last year. 

Michelle is also a member of the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario, the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses and the College of Nurses in Ontario. She is the owner and operator of Soft Soles Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. Soft Soles takes a three-pronged approach to foot care by meeting the lower limb health care needs of communities, connecting individuals to local organizations and resources, as offering new Foot Care Nurses employment opportunities, professional support and mentoring. Through the delivery of foot care clinics in the Ottawa area, Soft Soles carries out its mandate to provide knowledge and tolls to maintain and foster independence. The company's motto is "Knowledge is Power. Empower yourself!".

Michelle and her partner live on a hobby farm with their five boys in Dunrobin, Ontario.