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What is a pedorthist?

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What is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists C Ped (C) are trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. C Ped (C) specialize in the modification, function and fabrication of custom made orthotics, as well as custom shoe fitting and modifications. C Ped (C) offer a wide range of services including:

  1. evaluation of walking patterns (gait assessment)
  2. education on footwear selection and fitting
  3. custom made orthosis fabrication and fitting
  4. off the shelf orthosis fitting
  5. footwear modification to accommodate for foot disorders or dysfunction


C Ped (C) can assist in:

  1. improvement of balance
  2. accommodation of circulatory, congenital and neurological diseases
  3. biomechanical control
  4. weight and pressure redistribution
  5. alignment of lower limbs
  6. alleviation of pain in lower limbs


C Ped (C) are unique from other foot orthosis specialists because they do not prescribe their services. They work together with a number of health care professionals in order to provide a high level of patient care. This eliminate a conflict of interest between the prescriber and provider aswell as allowing the patient to choose where they will receive the treatment recommended by their doctor.

C Ped (C) undergo extensive training starting with an undergraduate degree involving courses in anatomy, biology, physical and gait assessment. Upon successful completion pedorthic students spend 1-2 years completing a number of post graduate courses as well as over 4000 hours of practical experience.