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UPDATED - Foot Canada Training Statement on COVID-19Warning - this news article expired on 2020-07-07. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

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Foot Canada Training Statement on COVID-19

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we wanted to take a moment to connect with you. First and foremost, we would like to recognize that all our students are nurses and as such, many of you are likely already working on the front line of this pandemic. If this is your situation, we would like to say thank you for doing what you do to support our communities. Your efforts are invaluable and appreciated.

Whether you are needing to focus on your work, stay home with your children due to school/daycare closures, are taking care of a loved one who is ill or are otherwise affected by the current situation, your health and wellbeing is our priority. 

How We Can Support You

We have outlined below the current measures that we are implementing as of today for all of our online courses. 

Extension Available for Current Students  – If you are unable to complete all your assignments prior to the course end-date due to COVID-19, please email us at footcarenurseprogram@gmail.com for an extension. Note that only one extension will be granted per course. 

Deferral Available for New Student – If you have registered, not yet started your course and would prefer to defer by one semester due to COVID-19, please email us email us at footcarenurseprogram@gmail.com. This option is only available prior to the course start date.

Quarantined (Flexible Start) – Are you isolated at home, but healthy and wanting to get a head start on your course? An early start to summer semester courses is available. Please email us at footcarenurseprogram@gmail.com for details.

Early Bird Tuition Available - The early bird deadline has been waived for our summer semesters. Early bird tuition is available for all our summer semester courses. 

Resources – We encourage all students to stay informed and recommend the following resources:

Communication – Our team is already working from home and has implemented our business continuity plan to ensure uninterrupted service. Until further notice, our response time will be between 1-5 business days.

FCN Clinical – Please note that some FCN Clinical courses are being re-scheduled to protect students, educators and volunteer clients. If unsure about the status of your upcoming FCN Clinical course, we invite you to contact your clinical education provider directly. Contact information for each location is listed on our Clinical Education Providers’ page.

We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with your feedback and questions.               

 Cindy Lazenby - Executive Director and Director of Nursing                                           Marie-Pierre Hamelin - Director of Operations                                              Julie Gauthier - Director of Education

[E] cindy@footcanada.ca                             [E] marie-pierre@footcanada.ca                [E] julie@footcanada.ca
Cindy Lazenby RN, FCNEd                         Marie-Pierre Hamelin MSW                       Julie Gauthier B.A. (Hons), B.Ed.
Executive Director &                                    Director of Operations                                Director of Education
Director of Nursing