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March 2019 - Foot Care Kingston Newsletter

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Conference Registration is Open

Foot Care Kingston's first annual conference will take place on October 5, 2019. Details and registration available on the Advance Foot Care Skills Conference website.

80% Discounts

Foot Care Kingston is offering a discount for Part 1 of the FCN course (online) to eligible applicants. See our Financial Aid page for details.

Spring Semester Course Offerings

Registration is open for the spring 2019 semester. Register before the early bird deadline and save $150 + tax. Please visit the Foot Care Kingston website for details. 

Click on the application below to register for your preferred course option:

*Registration for FCN Part 2 varies based on location. Please visit the FCN Part 2 page for more information.

The Art & Science of Foot Care

40+ colleges and education providers in 9 provinces and territories in Canada currently use our textbook. We also have a variety of other options available to organizations wishing to collaborate. Interested in knowing more? Please contact us for details.

NEW Opportunities for Foot Care Nurse Educators

Foot Care Kingston's curriculum will soon be more easily accessible to Foot Care Nurse Educators. More information will be announced soon. Please keep an eye on the Join our Team page and upcoming newsletters for details.

Clinical Corner
by Cindy Lazenby RN

Times are changing with technology and legislation and trying to keep up is no excuse for not keeping up. Each of us has a role to play in advancing nursing foot care mindfully. Read below for my advice on technology and "clinical" consultations.





Advanced Foot Care Skills Conference Workshops

Advanced Foot Care Skills Conference - October 5, 2019

Preparations for the Advanced Foot Care Skills Conference being co-hosted by Foot Care Kingston and Confederation College in Thunder Bay on October 5, 2019 are going smoothly. We are already receiving applications from sponsors and participants eager to join us this fall. Did you know that registering for the conference gives you access to the following three Advanced Foot Care Skills Workshops?

  1. Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)
  2. Diabetic Foot Care
  3. ​Podiatry Skills

Certificates of completion will be awarded for each workshop for a total of 4.5 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEU's).

Nurses interested in participating are invited to visit the Advance Foot Care Skills Conference website for details and to register. Sponsors are invited to visit our Sponsorship Packages page for more information on available opportunities. 

80% Discount FCN Part 1 - Click HERE for details

Upcoming Courses - Important Dates

Foot Care Nurse Course

ADVANCED Foot Care Nurse Courses


The Art & Science of Foot Care 

Art & Science of Foot Care Book Cover

The Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017) was written with the Foot Care Nurse course in mind and is a peer-reviewed, multi-authored textbook that was developed through the collaboration of many experienced Canadian foot care professionals. The textbook is available for bulk purchase and/or individual purchase order through our textbook distributor Quality FootCare Products by calling their toll-free number 1-866-833-9352 or emailing quality@qfootcare.comThe textbook cost is currently $109.99 CAD + tax with FREE shipping within Canada. For more information about the textbook, please visit our bookstore page for details. 


NEW Opportunities for Foot Care Nurse Educators

Demand for our Foot Care Nurse courses and workshops is GROWING! For years now, nurses have been reaching out to us from across the country, asking for our courses and workshops to be made available in their community. To these nurses we say, we hear you loud and clear. Foot Care Nurses are needed in every community and that means that local Foot Care Nurse training and continuing education opportunities need to available as well. We are working on a plan to facilitate this by making our peer-reviewed curriculum more easily accessible to Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities. More information will be announced soon. Please keep an eye on the Join our Team page and upcoming newsletters for details.

Clinical Corner - Social Media and Technology
 by Cindy Lazenby RN

I just attended the Social Media and Technology webinar offered by the Canadian Nurses Protective Society. One section addressed offsite/social media clinical consultation.Times are changing with technology and legislation and the webinar reminded me that trying to keep up is no excuse for not keeping up!! Also, each of us has a role to play in advancing nursing foot care mindfully.

One of the things mentioned during the webinar, which I would like to highlight today, is that posting identifiable client information on social media, even if through a closed Facebook group such as a group of health care providers, is a breach of privacy and confidentiality without 'expressed' permission from the client. I do sometimes get approached by students and colleagues through social media wanting guidance on a "clinical" matter and before they give me with any details, here is the advice I provide:

First ask yourself, of the health care providers officially involved in your client's health care team, who can you refer your client to for a follow-up and/or contact for a consultation (i.e. foot care nurse, charge nurse, diabetic nurse, wound care nurse, GP, NP, chiropodist, podiatrist)

Second, in what health care setting is this nurse - client relationship (i.e. private practice, community health centre)? Are policies and procedures available to address your clinical inquiry, referral, or a consultation?

Third, if the above options are NOT available, I would encourage advocating to make these happen as soon as possible. 

Last, note that you need employer approval, documented P & P's and a signed written consent from the client giving 'expressed' permission to consult outside of their 'health care team' before seeking outside advice about their care.

Continuing education can be an invaluable tool for Foot Care Nurses to strengthen their clinical health care support network and update their knowledge and competencies. If it's been more than 5 years since taking a Foot Care Nurse (FCN) course, Foot Care Nurses should consider taking a comprehensive theory-based FCN course, which incorporates CAFCN's 2017 Competencies, and follow-up with 'hands-on' training, such as an onsite FCN clinical course, a Clinical Refresher course, an Advanced Skills Workshops, and/or Mentorship. These training events can help widen your professional network, keep you current on Best Practice Guidelines, update your competencies and provide new ideas on how to utilize these in your current clinical setting.

Feedback: Please send us your feedback, questions or your interest to join our growing team.                                               

 Foot Care Kingston Director - Cindy Lazenby                                                                      Foot Care Kingston Operationa Managment Consultant - Marie-Pierre Hamelin

 Cindy Lazenby RN                                                                          Marie-Pierre Hamelin MSW
 Director Foot Care Kingston                                                           Operations Management Consultant and Liaison

 [E] cindy@footcarekingston.com                                                  [E] marie-pierre@footcarekingston.com



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