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May 2019 - Foot Canada Training Newsletter

Foot Canada Training - Inspiring Excellence in Nursing Education

Foot Care Kingston's New Name

We are excited to announce our new company name. Foot Care Kingston is now FOOT CANADA TRAINING (FCT).

Ready to teach in your community?

Foot Canada Training is offering the opportunity for Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities to purchase a license to access and use our Nursing Foot Care Curriculum. Please visit  our Curriculum page for details.

80% Discounts

Foot Canada Training is offering a discount for Part 1 of the FCN course (online) to eligible applicants. See our Financial Aid page for details.

Summer Semester Course Offerings

Registration is open for the summer 2019 semester. Register before the early bird deadline and save $150 + tax. Please visit the Foot Canada Training website for details. 

Click on the application below to register for your preferred course option:

*Registration for FCN Part 2 varies based on location. Please visit the Clinical Education Providers' page for a list of locations teaching FCN Part 2. 

The Art & Science of Foot Care Available in the USA

Did you know that our textbook is also available for purchase in the United States?

45+ education providers use our textbook. Please visit our bookstore page for details.

Our Mission, Goal and Values

With our new name comes the opportunity to refresh our mission, values and goals. Please head to the final section of our newsletter for more information.





Foot Care Kingston's New Name

As you may have already heard, we announced our new company name last week. Foot Care Kingston is now FOOT CANADA TRAINING (FCT). Our company has been growing and for some time now, we have been been providing nursing foot care education opportunities across Canada. We are excited to be transitioning to a new company name, which better reflects our current services and updated mission statement (continued at bottom of newsletter).

Ready to teach in your community?

Ready to teach in your community? A license for Foot Canada Training's Clinical Curriculum is now available for purchase.

We are now ready to make our next big announcement! For years, nurses, educators, community colleges, government departments, health care agencies, provincial nursing regulatory bodies, have been reaching out to us from across the country, asking for our courses and workshops to be made available in their community. We believe that encouraging local education solutions is the best way to make nursing foot care continuing education accessible. With this thought in mind, we've decided to make our curriculum available to education providers nation-wide.

Interested in teaching in your community? Foot Canada Training is offering the opportunity for Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities to purchase a license to access and use our Nursing Foot Care Curriculum for clinical courses and advanced skills workshops. By making our curriculum available, we aim to empower Foot Care Nurses (FCN) from across the country to consider becoming an Educator in their community. We also want to support some of our experienced Educator colleagues looking to have a standardized, peer-reviewed curriculum that meets best practice guidelines at their fingertips.

Some benefits of purchasing the Foot Canada Training Curriculum are stated below.


  • The curriculum for Part 2 of the Foot Care Nurse course and FCN Clinical Refresher course is based on the peer-reviewed Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada textbook, which is used by 45 + education providers across Canada.
  • The Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada are integrated as exit competencies in the Part 2 of the Foot Care Nurse course and Clinical Refresher course curriculum. 
  • The curriculum for the 6 day/43+ hour hands-on clinical course was developed as a Part 2 to the Foot Care Nurse Theory course (online 11 week/110 hours). Foot Canada Training will continue to offer Foot Care Nurse Theory (Part 1) and invites all education providers to use this course as a student prerequisite for  both the Foot Care Nurse Clinical course and Foot Care Nurse Clinical Refresher course.

Current and Reliable

  • As best practice guidelines and accreditation criteria continue to change during this period of rapid innovation in the field of nursing foot care, Foot Canada Training will continue to provide annual updates to its curriculum and apply for credible and relevant course approval processes as they become available. Educators will be able to advertise that they are delivering the best, most up-to-date curriculum at all times. 
  • This curriculum was developed by Cindy Lazenby, with several years of FCN Educator piloting and peer-review, as well as health care agency and education consultant feedback. Cindy is the lead author of the Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada, which is used by 45+ education providers across Canada. Cindy has an extensive history of providing nursing foot care education and advocating for improvements in nursing foot care in Canada. She was the founding Chair of the CAFCN and continues to be a contributing member to this day. Since 1993, Cindy and her associates have trained over 4000 Foot Care Nurses across the country. Please visit Cindy's detailed profile page for additional information on her experience and training.


  • Licensed education providers will have access and rights to use to the Foot Canada Training Clinical Curriculum, which includes administrative resources, full lesson plans, assessment tools and teaching materials for the Clinical Foot Care Nurse course (FCN Part 2), the Foot Care Nurse Clinical Refresher course, as well as Advanced Skills Workshops.

National Advertising Platform and Referral Opportunity

  • A map of all Educator locations and a list of licensed education providers will be provided on our website, including the link to the education provider’s website and contact details, making it easy for prospective students to find a licensed education provider teaching in their area.
  • All agencies contacting Foot Canada Training to inquire about hiring an Educator to teach on-site will be referred to the list and map of education providers on our website to find Educator teaching in their area. These agencies will be invited to contact local Educators directly to discuss potential contract opportunities. 
  • Educators may also be contacted by Foot Canada Training with offers to be hired to provide workshops, training and speaking engagements at events and conferences throughout the year. 


  • Education providers will be independent of Foot Canada Training, providing courses and training according to their own schedules. No monthly fees, no student quotas, no minimum class sizes. The Foot Canada Training Curriculum will include class size, course length, and tuition suggestions. 
  • Foot Canada Training will not oversee the delivery of clinical courses and workshops. There are no reporting requirements to Foot Canada Training once the curriculum is purchased.
  • Education providers can use this license to teach in multiple site of their choosing.
  • The curriculum is provided to be used as a guideline. Education providers may modify components of the different courses or modules to better reflect their requirements.


  • Curriculum and supporting materials available through online secure portal 24/7.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today for more information.  


80% Discount FCN Part 1 - Click HERE for details

Upcoming Courses - Important Dates

Upcoming Courses and Conference

Foot Care Nurse Course

Continuing Education


The Art & Science of Foot Care Textbook Available in the USA

Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in CanadaDid you know that our textbook, which is used by 45+ education providers in Canada, is also available for purchase in the United States? Our Director has just returned from the American Foot Care Nurses' Association's conference in Minneapolis, where she had the opportunity to meet and exchange with with some of our colleagues on the other side of the border, as well as some of our Canadian friends as well!

The Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017) was written with the Foot Care Nurse course in mind and is a peer-reviewed, multi-authored textbook that was developed through the collaboration of many experienced Canadian foot care professionals. The textbook is available for bulk purchase and/or individual purchase order through our textbook distributor Quality FootCare Products by completing the Textbook Purchase FormThe textbook cost is $109.99 CAD + tax with FREE shipping within Canada and the USA. For more information about the textbook, please visit our bookstore page. 

Foot Canada Training's Mission, Goal and Values

Foot Canada Training's Mission Values and Goals

With the announcement of our new name, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to refresh our mission, goal and values. Here are a few short paragraphs letting you know what Foot Canada Training is all about.

Our Mission

Foot Canada Training is a nursing foot care education company dedicated to promoting the advancement of standardized and accessible Foot Care Nurse education in accordance with best practice guidelines. We support nation-wide education opportunities by offering online training for Foot Care Nurses and Educators, and by providing Foot Care Nurse Educators and post-secondary institutions access to our curriculum for clinical courses and advanced skills workshops. Our training and curriculum is peer-reviewed, current and meets the standards set by the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses' National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada.

Our Goal

Assist in the development of a strong and knowledgeable nursing foot care community. 

Our Values

Leadership - We aim to be the leading source of Foot Care Nurse education in Canada. Following the leadership of Foot Canada Training's owner and director, Cindy Lazenby, also a founding member of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses, we will continue to be an active advocate in the nursing foot care community for standardized Foot Care Nurse education based on best practices.

Collaboration - We believe in the importance of local and accessible training opportunities and working together with other education providers who share our goal of developing a strong and knowledgeable nursing foot care community. 

Quality - As a provider of nursing foot care education since 1993, Foot Canada Training's curriculum not only reflects our experience gained from over 20 years of teaching in this growing field, but is a product of ongoing collaboration with experts in the foot care community, peer-review and regular updates to keep current with best practices.

Accessibility and Standardization - All nurses should have access to the same level of quality foot care training opportunities, regardless of where they live. To make this possible, a significant portion of the training Foot Canada Training offers is online. We also host a travelling annual conference and offer access to our clinical and workshop curriculum to education providers across Canada.

Feedback: Please send us your feedback, questions or your interest to join our growing team.                                               

 Foot Care Kingston Director - Cindy Lazenby                                                                      Foot Care Kingston Operationa Managment Consultant - Marie-Pierre Hamelin

 Cindy Lazenby RN                                                                          Marie-Pierre Hamelin MSW
 Director Foot Canada Training                                                        Operations Management Consultant and Liaison

 [E] cindy@footcanada.ca                                                               [E] marie-pierre@footcanada.ca



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