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Clinical Education Providers

Location: TiredSole (Ottawa)

Lead Educator: Lisa Garland

Date Part 2 Completed:

Presentation/Presenter Qualities

DisagreeSomewhat AgreeStrongly Agree
1. The registration process was easy.
2. The Part 2 facility Policies and Procedures Manual was appropriate.
3. The agenda was organized and easy to follow on each day.
4. The Educators adjusted the agenda mindfully when needed.
5. The Educators were knowledgeable on the subjects.
6. The Educators were clear and audible.
7. The presentations, stations, workshops were stimulating and made learning fun.
8. The Educators were friendly, mindful and approachable.
9. The Educators wore appropriate clothing.
10. The Educators used appropriate language.
11. I had an opportunity to ask questions.
12. I had an opportunity to respond to questions.
13. The presenters answered questions clearly.
14. I had an opportunity to participate in exercises.
15. I was able to handle instruments and supplies frequently.
16. The clinical assistants were skilled & knowledgeable.
17. The clinical assistants were friendly, mindful and approachable.
18. Part 2 prepared me for providing foot care with an onsite mentor.
19. The event was respectful and a safe environment for learning.
20. I learned something new every day.
21. The room temperature AND furniture were comfortable.
22. The room a/v and sound system was working properly.
23. The instruments and supplies were pertinent and useful.
24. The extra instruments and supplies provided by my Educator were useful.
25. This course (Part 2) met my expectations.
26. I would recommend that others attend this Part 2 FCN course.

27. How many hours was your Part 2 course dedicated to onsite class time, or mentorship/clinical hours with your Part 2 Lead Educator. Do not include your breaks/lunch time, or topics such as setting up an independent practice.

43 hours or more (as per course outline and listed on your certificate)
under 43 hours

If under 43 hours please explain the circumstances:

Comment on what you liked the most:

Comment on what you liked the least and suggestion for improvement: