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Section 2 - Lesson Planning


Summary and Direction

In this section you will examine lesson planning and teaching styles. You will find that there is no perfect teaching strategy or presentation style and there is no singular way to be a good educator. Whether you were born to stand in front of a room of people or you shudder at the thought of all eyes on you, the readings for this section will provide you with excellent options for presenting your material in a way that will make both you and your students comfortable. The suggested reading is informative and provides creative and proven teaching strategies that you are likely to find very useful in your final evaluation for this course.

One part of teaching that often gets overlooked is the importance of preparation and organization. I think the Bastable textbook does a good job of showing you the value of being well prepared and organized for your teaching moment. By building your teaching plan properly, working backwards from your outcomes, you ensure that students will be accurately assessed. Breaking your lesson down into steps helps to organize your day and materials and creates a guide for your students so they can be prepared and understand how they are being evaluated and what their outcomes are/should be. A student who is prepared for a lesson with the knowledge of why they are learning the material, how they will learn it, what is important and how they will be evaluated on their learning will be much more motivated and confident. This teaching plan will then be a guide for the subsequent times you teach this lesson, and any tweaking needed should be obvious and easy to implement. Another benefit to preparing a teaching plan is that it will provide your assistants or preceptors a guide to the outcomes of the lesson, providing them with their focus and evaluation techniques ahead of time. Not only does this help them be much more efficient and effective, but the lesson plan will dictate the assessment tool, ensuring continuity and reliability of assessment scores.

Exit Competencies in this section

From WHO Nurse Educator Core Competencies, pages 11-16:

  • Core Competency 1 - Nurse educators possess a sound understanding of contemporary educational theories, principles and models underlying the design of curricula and the value of adult learning.
  • Competency 1.3 - Demonstrate knowledge of curriculum development which incorporates educational theories, principles and models. 
  • Core Competency 2 - Nurse educators demonstrate the skills and abilities to design, implement, monitor and manage curricula based on sound, contemporary educational models, principles, and best evidence. 
  • Competency 2.1 - Design curricula which support context-based nursing practice needs and reflect current trends in health-care environment. 
  • Competency 2.2 - Develop and implement a relevant course based on innovative teaching and learning strategies that facilitate active learning and achievement of learning outcomes. 
  • Core Competency 3 - Nurse educators maintain current knowledge and skills in theory and practice, based on the best available evidence. 
  • Competency 3.3 - Plan a variety of teaching and learning activities that foster creativity and innovation of nursing practice and the health-care environment.
  • Core Competency 7 - Nurse educators utilize a variety of strategies to monitor and evaluate nursing programs, the curricula and mastery of student learning.
  • Competency 7.4 - Foster learners’ self-assessment skills and reflection on teaching and learning activities.

Required Reading

  1. Bastable, Susan B. (2018) Nurse as Educator 
    a. Chapter 10: Behavioural Objectives and Teaching Plans – pages 423-458
    b. Chapter 11: Teaching Methods and Settings – pages 460-489
    c. Chapter 12: Instructional Materials – pages 506-523
  2. University of New Mexico School of Medicine - Teaching Strategies/Methodologies: Advantages, Disadvantages/Cautions, Keys to Success

Suggested Reading/Resources for Future Learning

Exercise: Writing a Teaching Plan


Multiple-Choice Evaluation

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