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Student Lounges

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Section 5 - Planning & Technology



Summary and Direction

Event Planning is an overwhelming topic, filled with questions about organizational skills, time management, budgeting, marketing, registration and disclosure forms, rental agreements and volunteers. We will just scratch the surface in this section, but hope to make you as informed and prepared as possible for your next event. You can find countless event planning tutorials and tools online, everyone claiming to be seamless and revolutionary. But like presentation skills and teaching, event planning will ultimately follow a personal style. One thing everyone agrees on, however, is the importance of preparation.

This chapter will act as an introduction to using technology as an educational tool, to enhance both your teaching style and the student learning experience. You don’t have to be a real ‘techy’ to be able to benefit from using technology in the classroom. There are many basic ways to add technology to your lesson planning to help students engage and relate, as well as create efficiencies for you as an instructor and even take the pressure off of you as a speaker! Whether you are using pre-recordings of yourself giving a speech, a PowerPoint presentation to help you remember a long lesson, a video showing the step-by-step instructions for a complicated skill, or you are simply using online tools for your assessments, technology has many ways to sneak into your teaching. The expectation for this section is that you come away learning about technologies or techniques that you hadn’t considered or tried. We don’t expect you to become a YouTube expert overnight, or immediately turn all of your lessons into Prezi presentations, but you should be comfortable knowing how each technology could work in the classroom, the benefits and possible draw backs, as well as get a better understanding of where your comfort zone is. There are many courses available through your local college, your community and online to help you learn all of the ins and outs of the different technologies introduced to you during this course. 

Exit Competencies in this section

From WHO Nurse Educator Core Competencies, pages 11-16:

  • Core Competency 2 - Nurse educators demonstrate the skills and abilities to design, implement, monitor and manage curricula based on sound, contemporary educational models, principles, and best evidence.
  • Competency 2.7 - Incorporate and engage learners with the use of appropriate information technologies (including eLearning, eHealth) in teaching and learning processes.  

Required Reading

  1. Nurse as Educator – Bastable Chapter 12 –Instructional Materials – pages 523-539
  2. Nurse as Educator – Bastable Chapter 13 – Technology in Education – pages 549-587
  3. CNPS: Social Media 

Suggested Reading/Resources



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