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Clinical Education Providers

Minowaywin Mishkikii Qwe


Policies and Procedures Manual - Thunder Bay, Kenora, Dryden (ON)


Last Revised: May 9, 2019 *This Manual is in the process of being updated.*

Course Outline

FCN Part 2 (Clinical) is the mentorship and clinical component of the FCN course where students practise their Foot Care Nurse skills. The curriculum for Part 2 was developed by Foot Canada Training (formerly Foot Care Kingston) and is administered by Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities who have a license to access and use Foot Canada Training’s curriculum. Education providers teach and administer FCN Part 2 independently from Foot Canada Training. Each education provider has access to the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines and suggested FCN Part 2 Course Outline. Please visit the FCN 2 (Clinical) page of the Foot Canada Training website for a list of FCN Part 2 locations.

Dates & Registration Deadlines

  • 2019 course dates will be scheduled based on venue availability. Students are to contact the course Educator, Philina Sky, directly to make arrangements.

Contact Information

For information, ​please contact:

Philina Sky


Thunder Bay, Kenora, Dryden (ON)

Education Team Profile

Philina Sky RN, CDE, Educator

Philina Sky's spirit name is Strong Hearted Woman and her clan is Moose. She is a proud member of Cold Lake First Nations, which is located in Treaty 6, Alberta, and with paternal family roots in Camperville, Manitoba. She is a proud mother of six children and kokum of 2 beautiful grandsons!  She was raised in Northwestern Ontario most of her life and has been working in semi-remote, isolated and urban community settings within the Treaty 3 and Nishnawbe Aski Nation areas for the past 19+ years.

Understanding the importance of patient safety and “wise” practices in her work, Philina is a Foot Care Nurse Educator, certified Diabetes Educator and Ontario Community Support Association Personal Support Worker Instructor.  More recently, she has successfully completed the Novice Infection Prevention and Control Canada 400+ hours course. In addition, to being a dedicated educator for Home and Community care on numerous chronic disease health workshops, she was instrumental as the Lead Curriculum Developer and Instructor in Canada’s first Anishinaabe “Community Diabetes Support Worker” program, through the Seven Generations Education Institute in 2014. Philina endeavours to contribute to education that is geared to the reality of the north, which led her to the work and delivery of Foot Canada Training's Foot Care Nurse course (Part 2-Clinical) in Thunder Bay. Currently, Philina appreciates the opportunity to continue teaching for the online Confederation College Diabetes Graduate Program for health care professionals and consulting for Foot Canada Training.

Over the years, Philina has been actively involved on several committees such as the Kenora Diabetes Network Committee, NWO End of Life Steering Committee, Grand Council Treaty 3 Pandemic, Diabetes & Home Care working groups, and various Health Canada related working groups.  She also served a two year term as the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses as the Northwestern Ontario Provincial Advisor and is presently involved in the development of the Northwestern Ontario’s first Home and Community Care Network.

Philina is also known in her area as a helper and describes herself as “a gap-filler, a builder and a fixer”, and advocates to leaders for better health care delivery for the population she serves. She has been influential in successful proposal submissions, course reviews, presentation and training delivery.  Over the past decade, she has contributed her expertise on many health projects for First Nations communities promoting best practices, to increase quality services and better health standards for the people, and focuses her energy on activities that promote and support capacity building and cultural competency approaches.

Philina is the owner and operator her own business "Minowaywin Mishkikii Qwe" which means, 'a nurse helper that treats you well', inspired by the work of her mother and mother-in-law, who have journeyed on to the spirit world.  Minowaywin Mishkikii Qwe Nursing Services & Consulting is located on Migisi Sahgaigan (Eagle Lake) First Nation and currently provides nursing services, training education and consulting in Infection Control, Home care, Diabetes prevention and management and Foot care within Northwestern Ontario.


When and How to Register

To register, ​please contact:

Philina Sky


What are the payment methods?  

  • Interac e-transfer to philina.sky.mmq@gmail.com
  • Cheque (please make certified cheques or bank draft payable to: Minowaywin Mishkikii Qwe)


How Much is Tuition? 

  • 2019: $2,100.00

What is included in tuition? 

  • 43 hours of clinical (includes 24 hours advanced nursing foot care skills, 16 hours of clinical practice skills and 3 hours of mentorship)
  • a certificate of completion on successfully meeting minimum requirements of the course

Expenses not included in the tuition

  • See Supporting Documents, Instruments and Supplies section 
  • Food & Drink – Students are responsible for their own food and drinks each day. There are many places to purchase food nearby.
  • Costs for accommodation & travel to and from clinical and mentorship locations
  • Parking (if any)
  • Tuition for FCN Part 1 
  • Requests outside of normal course activities or outside of educational, technical, and administrative support schedules or activities as per the course outline (such as requests for remedial assignments, course transcripts, third party correspondence, letters, etc.).

Refund, Course Cancellation & Wait List Policy

For information, ​please contact:

Philina Sky

Supporting Documents, Instruments & Supplies

The items listed below are not included in the cost of tuition. Students will be expected to arrive on their first day of clinical with:

  • All items listed in the Policies and Procedures Unique to Facilities section
  • A hard copy or electronic copy of at least $2 million personal protective insurance (malpractice insurance).
  • A printed or online 'receipt' of showing current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Hard copy government issued photo ID.
  • Course Textbook - Lazenby, Cindy. LM. (2017) Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada
  • A printed copy of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses' National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017)
  • Student Equipment and Supplies Kit - Can be purchased through Quality FootCare Products by calling their toll-free number 1-866-833-9352 or emailing quality@qfootcare.comFCN Part 2 students get a discounted rate of $780.00 (includes taxes and shipping) with the special course code provided once registration is completed. Nurses can choose to order these items from other foot care suppliers. If ordering from another supplier, the student is solely responsible to ensure they have the equivalent quality items and quantities, and on the first day of class, must bring proof of purchase from a supplier that has a Medical Device Equipment License (MDEL) through Health Canada

    Each nurse is to have the following items (no more, no less):
    • 1 package of baby wipes
    • 1 roll micropore tape
    • 5 - 4x4's sterile gauze
    • 5 - 2x2's sterile gauze
    • 30 alcohol swabs
    • 5 bandaids
    • 1 eye protection
    • 1 mirror
    • 20 patient foot pads (paper & plastic layer)
    • 10 single-use monofilaments
    • 20 packs of single-use moisturizers
    • 1 bottle of disinfectant wipes
    • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    • 15 sets of non-sterile, non-latex gloves
    • 15 N95 masks
    • 15 isolation gowns
    • 10 sets of sterile single-use disposable instruments (includes 1 nipper, 1 blacks file, 1 foot file)
    • 10 sterile single-use burs
    • 1 'podiatric rotary instrument' designed for use on human skin (not hardware brand)

Privacy & Confidentiality Standards

For information, ​please contact:

Philina Sky

Dress Code

Nurses are required to purchase PPE and wear uniforms, closed toe shoes/standard nursing shoes, as well as reusable eye wear/safety glasses to clinical and should bring enough scrubs for each day.

Policies & Procedures Unique to Facility

For information, ​please contact:

Philina Sky