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Welcome to Foot Canada Training 

(formerly Foot Care Kingston)

Join our community of 4000+ trained nurses!

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Foot Canada Training's owner and director, Cindy Lazenby, is the lead author of the Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada, a resource used for our Foot Care Nurse courses, as well as by 45+ organizations across Canada delivering their own independent courses. Cindy has an extensive history of providing nursing foot care education and advocating for improvements in nursing foot care. She was the founding Chair of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses and continues to be a contributing member to this day. Since 1993, Cindy and her associates have trained over 4000 Foot Care Nurses across the country.  

Our Goals, Missions and Values

Our Mission

Foot Canada Training is a nursing foot care education company dedicated to promoting the advancement of standardized and accessible Foot Care Nurse education in accordance with best practice guidelines. We support nationwide education opportunities by offering online Foot Care Nurses and Educator training, and by providing Foot Care Nurse Educators and post-secondary institutions access to our curriculum for clinical courses and advanced skills workshops. Our training and curriculum is peer-reviewed, current and meets the standards set by the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses' National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada.

Our Goal

Assist in the development of a strong and knowledgeable nursing foot care community. 

Our Values

Leadership - We aim to be the leading source of Foot Care Nurse education in Canada. Following the leadership of Foot Canada Training's owner and director, Cindy Lazenby, also a founding member of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses, we will continue to be an active advocate in the nursing foot care community for standardized Foot Care Nurse education based on best practices.

Collaboration - We believe in the importance of local and accessible training opportunities and working together with other education providers who share our goal of developing a strong and knowledgeable nursing foot care community. 

Quality - As a provider of nursing foot care education since 1993, Foot Canada Training's curriculum not only reflects our experience gained from over 20 years of teaching in this growing field, but is a product of ongoing collaboration with experts in the foot care community, peer-review and regular updates to keep current with best practices.

Accessibility and Standardization - All nurses should have access to the same level of quality foot care training opportunities, regardless of where they live. To make this possible, a significant portion of the training Foot Canada Training offers is online. We also host a travelling annual conference and offer access to our clinical and workshop curriculum to education providers across Canada.