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Spring 2021 Courses
Foot Canada Training Curriculum

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July 2021 Foot Canada Training Newsletter
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December 2020 Foot Canada Training Newsletter
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Foot Canada Training is a nursing foot care education company that supports nationwide education opportunities by offering online Foot Care Nurse and Educator training, and by providing Foot Care Nurse Educators, health agencies and post-secondary institutions access to our curriculum for clinical courses and advanced skills workshops. Our training and curriculum is peer-reviewed, current and meets the standards set by the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses' National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada. Foot Canada Training is dedicated to promoting the advancement of standardized and accessible Foot Care Nurse education in accordance with best practice guidelines.

What we offer - Your FIRST choice in Foot Care Education

Online Foot Care Nurse Theory Course

This Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course provides Canadian nurses (NP, RN, RPN, LPN) with 110 hours of self-paced curriculum that meets the 2017 CAFCN National Competencies. Nurses who have completed this FCN Theory course are ready to pursue their clinical foot care training.

Online FCN Educator Course

This comprehensive Online Foot Care Nurse Educator course helps prepare Foot Care Nurses to become Nurse Educators in their community. Nurses will learn about learning theory, lesson planning, assessment, presentation skills and education technology.

Curriculum License

Nurse Educators, educational institutions and health agencies can now purchase a license to use Foot Canada Training’s Clinical Curriculum – which includes a 6-day Clinical Course, a 1-day Clinical Refresher Course, and 7 full-day Advanced Skills Workshops.

Need Clinical Training?

There are many Education Providers who are providing Foot Canada Training's Clinical Training across Canada. 


Looking for the number one foot care nursing resource in Canada? Our Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017 2nd Edition) is available through FriesenPress.

Clinical Training

Why choose Foot Canada Training

Foot Canada Training has trained over 4000 Canadian nurses since 1993. Here is why Foot Canada Training was their FIRST choice:  

  • Nurses across Canada can now take their careers to the next level by enrolling in the FIRST ONLINE Foot Care Nurse Theory and Educator courses through Foot Canada Training.      

  • "Art & Science of Nursing Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017)" is the FIRST multi-authored, peer-reviewed textbook, and is currently the #1 textbook for foot care education across Canada.

  • Foot Canada Training's Founding President and Director of Nursing, Cindy Lazenby R.N., was the FIRST Founding Chair & President of the CAFCN.

  • With our curriculum license, Foot Canada Training is the FIRST organization to make its FCN Clinical, Clinical Refresher and Advanced Skills Workshop Curriculum available to independent Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges, universities and health agencies.*

*The Foot Canada Training Curriculum uses the The Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards and is compliant with the IPAC Canada Position Statement 2019 - "Point-of-use sterility of critical, reprocessed foot care instruments for every client". Please check with your provincial governing bodies for educator regulations or restrictions.