Chrystal Stevens

Below is a list of other continuing education workshops we currently offer through Longevity. These are run-on-demand! Contact Chrystal directly to put in a request or for more information, or 250-732-1154 FCN Clinical Refresher Course- 1-day Refresher for FCNs, recommended every 5 yearsFCN Clinical Training/ Mentoring One-on-One- This is basically the clinical training program without the online theory component.Neubourg Skin and Nail Technologies Workshop- Onyfix Certification and Podoexpert Professional Training (Add these essential technologies to your foot care tool kit to help clients to repair nail dystrophies including ingrown nails as well as heal damaged skin with Podoexperts patented technologies). Diabetes Foot Care Management- 1-day courseInfection Prevention and Control- 1-day coursePeripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)- 1-day coursePodiatry Instrument Skills- 1-day coursePrivate Practice- 1-day courseWound Care- 1-day course

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